Niemand: Official Trailer

Luck Films just released a trailer for their upcoming feature film, "Niemand". Thomas Lidke cut this trailer for the film, using the song "Niemand", composed by Kelly Kenny. Niemand is a psychological thriller showcasing the impact that an outsider has on a small town he passes through. 

Directed by David Von Roehm, starring  Richard TysonJoe Estevez, and Susan Johnston.

For more information about the cast and crew please refer to Niemand's IMDB page.

Lay Low's New Demo!

Thomas Lidke recently recorded and produced Lay Low's latest demo, "Stormy Weather". Lay Low is comprised of Niko Berardo on Guitar and Vocals, Kevin Romero on Bass and Backing Vocals, and Colby Culbertson on Drums. Please feel free to listen to, and download, these songs.

PSA: Distracted Teenage Driving

Another Statistic is a Public Service Announcement directed by Thomas Lidke, featuring Lidke himself, Vincent Duong, and Jaden Ortiz. The PSA shows the dangers that anyone, especially teens, can face while driving and being distracted. A single text can cause much more harm than most people realize.

Charter Tech High School presents Avenue Q!

Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts  put on a musical involving all the majors in the school. For those of you who may not know, Charter Tech offers six different majors, Animation, Instrumental, Film, Vocal Music, Dance, and Musical Theater. It is amazing to see artist from completely different studies come together to put on a production. Not only are all majors involved in the production but also artists from all grade levels. Our students, factually members, board members, and alumni allowed us to get featured on by voting for our musical on a poll posted by But we are not finished yet, at the time of writing this article there are still two more shows to go! The shows are on March 11th and 12th. Tickets range from $10, $15, or $20 for the best seats in the house. If you would like to catch the upcoming shows you can purchase tickets here. If you have already seen the show I would like to thank you for coming out to see our performance. But if you haven't I hope you are ready to see some talented artists working together to create something beautiful. 

One of the Last Performances at The Noyes Museum of Art

Alex Siniara and Matthew LoRe perform The Lonely Suite at The Noyes Museum of Art. This video was recording the last week the Noyes Museum was open. Alex and Matthew have performed there on numerous occasions. Because of that this performances was not only emotional for the audience but for them as well.

Willie Nelson Music Video!

A class four years ago filmed "What'll I Do" in Texas, and this year's students edited it for the country star's release. Country icon Willie Nelson's new music video, "What'll I Do," took two sets of students from Charter-Tech High School for the Performing Arts more than four years to create. Matthew Verderose, Thomas Lidke, and Axavier Dennis all contributed to the editing of this music video.