JAM Studio One

JAM Studio One is located in Ventnor City, NJ. For most, that's only a city away. However, for some, that's an hour or two of travel. Believe me, the sound is worth it. It's not just me running things at JAM Studio One. The studio has a whole team of highly skilled individuals that come together to create an amazing experience for you.

  • John Mulhern - Owner/ Producer - Accomplished Jazz Guitarist and Songwriter

  • Luke Witherspoon - Producer/ Writer - R&B Production

  • Eric Resnick - Studio Manger/ Chief Engineer - Certified Pro Tools Engineer

  • Thomas Lidke - Media Relations/ Engineer - Certified Pro Tools Engineer

  • Danny d'Angio - Composer/ Engineer - Synthesizer Programming and IT maintenance

  • Sergio Pagoada - Information Technology - Maintains and Repairs Equipment   

Rooms and Equipment



The Indie Package is designed for musicians to come into the studio and get their song(s) recorded, mixed, and mastered as quick as possible. We will have the studio prepared to meet your requirements and get right into the recording process. When we finish recording, we start mixing and mastering your track(s). You will then have access to both digital, and CD copies of your work.

This package is not just for musicians; Video creators can take full advantage of this deal as well. Our studio is the perfect place to record ADR or Foley sounds. We also have the tools to do sound design for films.  

The Up and Coming Musician Package is a great deal for musician(s) that want to record a demo or an extended play album. With this package, you will get at least 10 hours to record, mix, and master your songs. You will  be given the opportunity to provide feedback and work with our engineers to get the sound that you want. Also with this package is the option to use our distribution plan, which will allow you to either publish your music to any platform (itunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc...) or receive CD's with custom designs and cases. 

Package 3.jpg

The Superstar Package is your one stop shop to create music and have it heard. With this package, you start off with at least 15 hours towards sessions that can be split into multiple days. This is the ideal package for creating an extended play album or a full album if your performance is great while recording. Now, recording will take as long as you need, our studio will be setup to meet your requirements. On the other hand when we are done recording we move on to, mixing and mastering. We recommend to spend a hour minimum on each song on this stage.

(Optional: Distribution plan can be provided at no extra charge)


All of the tracks listed below we either recorded at JAM Studio One or produced by one of our engineers. These are only .mp3s if you would like to hear the full lossless WAV files please contact us and we will set up a meeting for you to hear the tracks in the studio.